Embrace The Upgrade

by Verses All

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released March 16, 2011



all rights reserved


Verses All Brunswick, Australia

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Track Name: Poverty Of Thought
This schizophrenia's got me beside myself
And all my guests live inside myself
They come out to play
And they lock me away
I'm trapped inside my own
Poverty of thought

Why cant they just leave me be
And when will they set me free

These random characters make me an afterthought
The sanity's frayed yet they pull it taut
I see their dreams
I hear their screams
They've locked me in my
poverty of thought

Why cant they just leave me the fuck alone

Hear voices
Loud voices

Time for friends to say good bye

Time for truth to falsify
Track Name: Pu(t)rify
remove the skin
take out the flesh and the bone
this is your end
AI must sit on the throne

it's evolution
machine revolution

take out the spine
mankind has run out of time
don't need your brain
no need to feel any pain

embrace the upgrade
crush the rising storm
on metal feet you'll tread
humanity is dead

witness a perfect reality
there'll be no fear
not here
not now
open your eyes
open them wide
and see
Track Name: Order Through Chaos
My world
revolves around me
and all i want to achieve
but it don't matter what i do
cause there's me
and then there's you

there's always you

I see you in my broken mirror
what you do
fucks me here
I'd try to fight but
you'd resist
I'd deny
you'd insist

I'm black, you're white
I'm the day, you're midnight
I will rise, you will fall
across the verses all

across them all
across them all

I'm black you're white
I'm the day, you're midnight
I will rise, you will fall
across these countless verses all
across them all

verses all

I speak you hush
I stop you rush
I rise you fall
across the verses all
I kill you save
I'm free, you're slave
I win you lose
I'm forced you choose
across the verses all
across these countless verses all
Track Name: Resist
The final
resistance has come
our future is not said and done
no more will we sit and wait
for the day we will escape

from the clutches'
of these fucking metal men
their time is done ours has begun
who's with me

all of this time
we just stood by
watched all our helpless brothers die
take back what's ours
in their final hours
we will regain our rightful power

we're taking a stand
for the sake of our fellow man
the battle will rage
but we'll all be saved

from the clutches
of these fucking metal men
their time is done ours has begun
who's with me

we're not their slaves
we're not afraid
to take back our lives
to take back our pride
Track Name: Propaganda
While we're working, searching, striving, driving
all we hear, see, smell, taste, touch and eat
its not free
there's a high price to pay for our freedom
and the price is life
we've become zombies
brain dead zombies feeding on the TV

brain dead
well fed
got no complaints

and while we sit and watch the leaders speak
we smile and clap while synchronized
blank faces stare
we're told what we need to hear
without question we'll maim or rape
perform like circus apes
they'll lead and we will swallow
the world's profane
it's fucked and hollow

all for some and none for all
divided we stand
divided we fall

there's beauty in defiance
its deafening

we're built to fear

we need to breed
from the womb

its deafening this silence
Track Name: 100 Suns
Falling through the clouds
floating in the air
people stop to stare
in the small city down below

the insides collide
the outside explodes
hell has erupted
the unearthly glow

you're out of time
now is the time
are you ready for the end of time

world goes up in flames
the darkness grows
bodies disappear and
leave immortal shadows

you're out of time
now is the time
are you ready for the end of time
you're out of time
now is the time
the time to end all life
Track Name: Soul Survivor
We begin at the end
barren and bare
to start again
here at the end
a battle won
a battle lost
the war is over
but this is the cost

we inherit the earth
new gods of dust
our metal will rot
our flesh will rust
our divided mind
survives all time
a prisoner of war
not confined to a cell
trapped in our body
and mind we're in hell

we need to rest

lay this to rest
(access denied)

we are soul survivor
the last remnant of our kind
all that remains
together alone
we are soul survivor

let me out
i need to get out

we move ever onwards
bathed in the afterglow
scorched earth in front
scorched earth behind
you did this yourselves
you did it to us!
hatred remains
its all that we've got

we finished the human race
but cant cross the line

let us die

we completed our task
the new spark of life
the purification
its evolution
this putrification
machine revolution
we can not allow
this perpetual notion
the man and machine ages
must now be over

we must lay us to rest
we must let this story end
we've done this again and again
and no matter the changes
we reach the same end

we are soul survivor
the last remnant of mankind
no more
no more
there are no survivors